Monthly Meal Planning Madness

by heidijo on August 30, 2015


Meal Planning Madness

I am one of those weird people that are naturally organized. (Side-note: my sisters think I’m adopted). I thrive of organization in all areas of my life.  So planning out my meals should be something that I do on a regular bases. Not so much….. sometimes yes, but life is busy, messy and overwhelming sometimes. This has been the one area of my home management that I have been trying to tweak for years. After many tries and MANY fails, I think I just might have found my meal planning groove!!!

Let’s start at the beginning, it’s a very good place to start.

We are a family of 6, though a few times a week we have extra mouths that circle around our table. My husband works from home most days unless he is traveling overseas. I homeschool our 4 children, though my oldest 2 are fully duel enrolled at 2 different colleges. We are all home some days other days not. Our schedule between school, church and life is quite chaotic. I need a meal plan, I want a meal plan, I made a meal plan. Plain, Simple and Easy!

It starts with making lists. I love lists!

breakfast, lunch and snacks list

I listed out our favorite Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Desserts. Start with the basics and add as you think of things. Everyone in my family eats at home for most all meals. That is a lot of food every week coming out of The Kemps Kitchen. I actually have a weekly Breakfast and lunch schedule that we stick pretty close to. It makes grocery shopping so much easier.


main meal list

Next make a list (this will be huge, well, mine is HUGE) of main meals your family likes. I split the foods into sections-Meats (chicken, beef, seafood and pork), Starches, Veggies, Salads, Soups and Breads. You can add as you go to this list too. I just added Baked Pizza Spaghetti because I made it on a whim and we loved it.

Ok now that your meal lists are made you will have a super easy time adding them to your monthly meal sheet.

monthly meal schedule sheet

I printed out this sheet from somewhere, I know I should have a link but I don’t…. google it people 🙂 I will make my own I think and laminate it for reusing. Oh and it needs to fit in my Erin Condren Life Planner. Anywho, I pull out my monthly calendar to see what we have going on that month. I figure out who is going to be home when and start writing in meals that will work with everyone schedule. For example, this semester on Thursdays, the boys and I have Bible study in the morning, the girls have morning classes then one has an afternoon class and one a night class. Yes Thursdays are crazy days in the Kemp house. So, I plan out all my Thursday meals first. Thursdays have to be easy meal or crockpot meals and they have to be ready for 2pm. If all else fails leftovers or sandwiches will be served lol. I then go on to planning out other “schedule break” days. This month I have a birthday dinner(this boy has to have hamburgers on the grill) and I am away(so meals that my girls cook). After that I plan the rest of the monthly meals out including leftover days. It is a thing of beauty when you see all the meals for the month on one page.

weekly meal list

Now for the super easy part and you can skip this if you like. I on the other hand just got this cute weekly meal planner divider for my planner and just had to use it.  I used colored post-it tabs for a few reasons:

  • I have tons
  • I love post-its
  • I love color coordinating
  • You can reuse them
  • They remove with ease
  • I am sometimes known to change my mind about a meal

Now just look at your monthly meal plan sheet and write up your weeks meals. See!! Easy Peasy.

Shopping list

I then can make a weekly shopping list with no problem.  My weekly list is usually very small because I shop in bulk at Sams and have a rotating BOGO list for Publix and Winn Dixie. I also buy produce from Aldi which is always great on price and seasonal.  I have  paper list because it is easy to grab and go.

So there you have it my easy steps to making your own monthly meal plan.

Barefoot Blessings

Heidi Jo


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Lyssette August 30, 2015 at 7:23 pm

Very helpful 👍🏾


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