Best Homeschool Year Ever

by heidijo on April 20, 2015

This year we tried something completely new, Quarter Block Schedule. You simply break your school year into 4 quarters, make a list of all subjects you need to cover and slot them into the quarter you think best. This part took a bit of trial and error to find a good balance ratio between which subjects worked best together.

We decided that Math would be good for our first quarter and get it over with. This was a wise decision. Math is tough and the first quarter my boys were ready to go. It was a very good pairing lol. We got it done and then used extra worksheets as weekly review for the rest of the year. We decided to do History for quarter 2, grammar and spelling for quarter 3, science and writing for quarter 4. I sprinkled in phonics, logic, and outlining in there too. We did Bible each quarter and the boys did daily reading.


I can not quite explained how this quarter blocking method has changed our homeschool.  We never felt rushed, we never felt behind, we complete curriculum, we got through more then most years, the boys retained and used what they learned and did most of this without much complaining (well, most days).


As our year is getting ready to finish up…. TWO MORE WEEKS PEOPLE!!!! (I’m just a ‘little’ excited) I am actually looking forward to planning out our next school year. As I look at my stack of curriculum for next school year, yes I have already purchased it and my sister’s hate me for it lol, I was mentally dividing it into which quarter we would do what. So, today I took out my weekly planner and jotted down a few of my ideas.

The first stage of planning is so easy. I used movable post-its to make even easier to organize each quarter. The boys will be covering 10 subjects next year. Take a look at how easy it was to break it down and plan each quarter.

My first stage of quarter planning for 2015-2016

I will be working in more detail on this when I tackle my homeschool yearly planning session. But for now, its great to have a basic idea of the what is to come.

Now to finish the next 2 weeks well and enjoy our beautiful break.


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