Bedside Table Reflections

by heidijo on April 29, 2015


My Bedside Table

This collection is the first thing my eyes fall on when I wake each morning. Everything here is a reflection into my soul, my hearts cry, my desires and my passions (and my immense love for the color turquoise). I would love to share and explain each one so you can better understand me.

The ugly brownish chair – this was my grandmothers, it is old, worn and if you lean too far back in it, it WILL flip over… ask me how I know(and for this reason it backs onto a wall). In this chair I have held children, prayed, cried, did devotions, listen to my husband pour out his heart, talked to my family on the phone, read, drank many cups of coffee and just sat and was still. I really don’t know if I can ever get rid of this chair, it is part of who I am.

Pier One lantern – I just love candles! So does my husband, thought I am sure our reasons for loving them are slightly different lol 😉

Magazine holder full of decorating and storage magazines – I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I am a designer by degree and it is still one of my favorite creative outlets.

My Bible – This is my study Bible, the one that I mark up, write everything in, pour over and rarely take to church with me (mostly because it is as heavy as a small child)

My book stack – I always have a few books that I am reading. I am a moody book reader and never know what I will be in the mood to read each day. So currently have going

The life-changing magic of tidying up – a great book on organizing and decluttering, my life’s work it seems.

Good News for Weary Women – every women needs to read this.

Everyday Graces – Light and insightful

Standing Firm in These Last Days – this is an inductive bible study on 1 & 2 Thessalonians, I LOVE these studies and usually have one going at all times.

My Kindle – more books of course, right now I have a bunch of Karen Kingsbury books I am reading through.

My wedding rings – I don’t wear jewelry when I sleep so I slip off my rings right before bed. I am so blessed to be married to my husband, he is completely perfect for me.

A pen, post-it-note and my to do list – I learned long ago to write everything down. I have also learned that without fail that everything important will come to my mind just as my head hits the pillow. I am jotting things down in the middle of the night just so I can go back to sleep. Crazy right?!

The beautiful shell. – my oldest son bought this with his own money when he went on vacation with my parents. I just love it and it makes me smile.

Framed photo – My love and I, after 20 years together he still gives me butterflies and makes me smile like no one else.

My lamp – I got these from my mom when she and my dad went on the mission field (no need for lamps on a boat). I have been pondering painting these for years. My sweet husband got these beautiful shades to replace the originals which were from my childhood.

Love Note – they are wedged in the lamp shades. My sweet husband put them under my pillow before traveling for work. Did I mention he is amazing?!!!!

So there you have it, my life on a small table.



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