Sonlight and TWTM in action

by heidijo on August 24, 2010

As we have started school and are having lots of fun with Sonlight’s Core 1, 6 and alt 7.  I just wanted to share with you a few tips that I have been using to bring The Well Trained Mind to our Sonlight Cores.

I have created a check lists to help direct the girls TWTM way 🙂

Weekly History Check List

1. Schedule – Have you completed this week’s schedule?

2. Notebook – Have you completed your History Notebook Checklist?

3. Primary Source – Have you picked/worked on a Primary Source Document? Checklist?

4. Test – Have you taken your assigned History Test?

We are creating History Notebooks as a collection of everything we are learning in our Sonlight Cores. Here are a few list that I have been using.

Ten Sections of Notebook

1. Facts

2.  Great Men and Women

3.  Wars, Conflicts, and Politics

4.  Inventions and Technology

5.  Religion

6.  Daily Life

7.  Cities and Settlements

8.  Primary Sources

9.  The Arts and Great Books

10. Outlines

11. Eyewitness Accounts (Modern History)

History Notebook Checklist

1. List Facts – Choose a section from this week’s History book and List important facts (6-8).

2. Timeline – Add Timeline figures for the week to your Book of Time.

3. Mapping – Finding Locations listed in schedule on the Maps.

4. Summery – Prepare summaries (5-6 sentences) of information on your reader or read aloud.

5. Outline – Create an outline 1 or 2 pages from your history text (SOTW/CHOW).

Primary Source Checklist

1. What does this source say?

2. Who is the author?

3. What was the writer’s purpose?

4. What does he/she have to lose or gain by convincing other of his/her position?

5. What events led to this piece of writing?

6. What happened as a result of this writing?

I will report back in a few weeks to give you an idea on how it is all going.  Until then we will keep on keeping on.


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