Our School Room 2010

by heidijo on August 26, 2010

I wanted to share a window into our “school room”. As many of you know we moved 5 months ago into duplex that we turned into a 4 bedroom house. I love all the extra space.  What we did was turn the extra kitchen into our school room.  My super hubby just ripped out the sink and counter but left all the other cupboards (there were tons!)  I still have tons to do but I am very happy with it as we started our “new” school year.

This is the Back of the room and is mostly for storage.  I am working on painting the doors multi colored.

This is the work table and the wall is lined with Desks.  I am looking for a better furniture arrangement.

this is the other wall.

I love having a room for it all of my crazy homeschool “stuff”.  This is a work in progress.

Sciences experiments still get done at the Dinning room table (closer to the kitchen). Please ignore that alien child with no shirt LOL.

I am just getting use to all my new spaces and will update you as I add/take away/improve the space.

We are have a great first week of school and getting settled into a schedule (I think).  Another adventure has begun.

Bahama Blessings

Heidi Jo


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