My Pink Saffiano A5 Filofax – Aurora

by heidijo on July 17, 2014


Pink Saffiano A5 – Aurora

This pink beauty was my very fist filofax. She holds most of my household notes. She has my schedule/calendar I use DIYfish LM 2.2 do1p  inserts for this. I love these pages sooooo much! I also have tabs for Homeschool, Menus, Chores, Projects and Prepping. I love having everything in one place. Everyday I can just glace at my schedule and all my to-do’s, schedule, homeschool life, chores, menus and appointments are all in one place.  I make it a point to keep this calendar up to date daily, weekly and monthly, so that my weeks flow smoothly.


The inside is so bright and cheery

Even her insides make me smile.  Working in something this pretty is such fun.


Homeschool Notes section

A simple homeschool calendar to keep me on track. I have an easy to use a month on 2 pages and week on 2 pages calendar that helps me keep a good view on my homeschool to-dos.


Diyfish inserts are so fun to decorate

Diyfish inserts are the backbone of this planner. I love that I can see the current month, week and day all at the same time.


How I plan in my homeschool through my day

I take the day schedule section and divide it into Morning, Afternoon and Evenings because that is what works best for my life.  Each school day I add anything that “I” need to remember to do for school. The colored mark it dots lets me what child I need to work with at that time. I also add colored dot stickers at the top of the page to note each morning what needs to be taken out for dinner and what load of wash needs to be put in.


diyfish weekly chart as a checklist

Great I use Diyfish weekly chart for daily homeschool checklist. This gives me accountability tool. Just another thing that helps me get it all done.

Usually where you find me you will find this pink Filofax, it helps me stay on track everyday. The trick it is to update it and keep it current :-)


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My Yellow Original A5 Filofax – Belle

by heidijo on July 16, 2014


My Yellow Original A5 Filofax – Belle

This is my favorite color in the Original Filofax line.  I named her Belle. She is now discontinued and I almost got rid of this beauty. I had her up for swap or sale. I don’t know what I was thinking! It is the perfect companion to my A Simple Plan homeschool planner.


These 2 Planners are the perfect pair

I needed something to hold all those extra papers that seems to multiply when homeschooling. I have many planning pages that I keep using year after year. I have a Academic planning list, High school panning page, the girls college classes, book lists, Netflix lists, oh I could go on forever. Take it from me there is a TON of paper. It is so nice to have it all organized together.


my extra records and papers organized and in one place

Most of the pages in here are letter size. I just trimmed the sides and folded. They fit perfectly. I have 6 dividers, one for each child, a plans section and a resource section.  I keep my letter of intent to homeschool tucked in the front pocket. I also have our homeschool group cards and ID’s in the card pockets :-)

I still can’t believe I was going to get rid of this beauty! She is just perfect for this job as Homeschool Resource Filofax :-)



A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner 2014-2015

by heidijo on July 15, 2014


A Simple Plan-Planner for the Homeschooling Family

A Simple Plan is my planner of choice 2 years running. It is just what is says it is “simple”. It fits our homeschool needs perfectly. I love that I have all my records in on place to present for our annual evaluation or to file away. This planner has planning space for up to 6 children. The pages included are Yearly schedule, Yearly Overview by subject, Month at a Glance, Monthly Calendar, Weekly Assignment sheets, and Attendance and Curriculum records. Did I mention that the colors on this planner are AMAZING!!!


Getting Ready to Plan

All I need is a little Washi tape and some colored pens and I am ready to start. Oh and Mark-it Dots, I can’t plan anything without my Mark-it Dots :-)


Our Shelf of Curriculum for 2014-2015

I start by gathering ALL of our curriculum for the coming year in one place. I am very visual and need to see it all.


Block Teaching Schedule and Curriculum List

I make a quick list of all the curricula I am using for each child and list it in their planning section in the planner.  I also lay out our general plans for the year. This year we are switching to a Block Teaching Schedule in which I have divided our school year into 4 quarters. You can see how I break down this plan HERE.


Curriculum Breakdown and Planning

I then take each workbook, curriculum, audio and resource that I will be using and figure out how many lessons, pages, or chapters need to be done in a day and a week. It is as easy as adding how many lessons in the book and dividing it by the day/weeks you are planning to cover it. I know this seems overwhelming but it is so nice to have everything figured out and organized for the coming school year.


Yearly Overview Pages

I take all that curriculum breakdown information and write it on the Yearly Overview page. Each child get 6 pages, so a usually do a subject per page. These are for reference on how I ‘plan’ the year to go.  Now my weekly planning is a snap!


Weekly Schedule Pages

Now every week I just consult my Yearly Overview for each subject and plug it into the scheduled week. I can make changes from week to week on anything we need to make-up or redo and adjust accordingly. I usually plan a month at a time on these pages; adding and subtracting where needed.


Daily Post-it Note planning

Every Week I review my plans and write up daily “to-do” post-its for each of the younger two and a weekly to-do post-it for the older two. The post-it is a different color for each child. I write the day of the week and then list exactly what is needing done for that day. My littlest love to cross off what they have done and then throw the post-it away at the end of the day. My older girls use these post-its to plug their schedule into their own planners along with their duel enrollment classes schedule.


This is only one of the tools I use in planning. Stay tuned for the rest of the great resources that I use to keep our crazy life up and running :-)



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